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Whether you’re looking to purchase a home, sell, renovate or deal more efficiently with an insurance claim. You’ve got a problem! As widely reported in the media. Devastating California wildfires have triggered a serious statewide insurance crisis, that affects far more than rates and coverage.  Insurance Companies have begun heavily scrutinizing condition of residential roofs, as a means to prevent claim losses. Your problem? Roofing Contractors using old school methods to evaluate roof conditions provide more uncertainty than useful, actionable, data to make your best case for insurance coverage or claim(s).

 Not anymore!

Utilizing the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) we apply uber advanced, proprietary analytics and cutting-edge media capture technologies, to provide high order practical data you can use to acquire the right insurance policy to suit your needs and budget. So, relax with peace-of-mind. No more unknowns; no more guesswork; no more putting yourself in jeopardy.

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Locations We Fly

Although licensed and authorized to provide aerial imagery throughout California, whether using traditional fixed-wing or UAV rotor aircraft, our niche area is the mid Sierra-Nevada range. Why? Simple. We live and raise families here, and know our neighborhood intimately. As such we're uniquely qualified to cope with the many flight challenges these mountain and low lying areas present.

From problematic lightening strike areas to clusters of tall trees, uneven terrain, obstructing rock formations and unpredictable weather patterns year round. Our experience flying in the mid Sierra-Nevada range lends an extra layer of safety, reliability, and efficiency few (very few) competitors can match. After all, you want results. Not delays.

Consequently, our primary flight service area begins from Fresno; north-east to the state border; north-west to just above Truckee; west to roughly Dixon, and south-east to include parts of the central valley. And although we’ll entertain flight missions outside the area outline in red, our focus area is where we consistently excel. For good reason.


Each of our UAV Commercial Pilots are Certified under Part-107 of regulations governed by authority of the
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and each Flight Mission is fully insured. So, yes, we are
accountable to both you and the FAA. That is why meticulous care and preparations are undertaken,
before each Flight Mission deployment. And while our drones may look like mere toys, they are classified by
the FAA as serious aircraft (just like a plane one might board for a trip) --  we fly them as such!

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General Inspections

As a core service our roof inspections are second to none, and here's why. Through engaging our proprietary AI methods detecting and reporting roof defects and damage, is far more science than skill. Even measurements are included, making your next full roof replacement easier.

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Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, calamity can and does strike roofs. Fallen trees, snow loads, hail, high winds, fire damage and even earthquakes cause roof damage that can be undetectable by the eye. When mishaps strike our AI based reports are invaluable in forwarding your best case, for insurance coverage purposes.

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Property Showcase

Whether you’re selling or simply want arial video of your home and property, for a project or to show friends & family in other locations? We’ve got you covered! Using our advanced drones, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, we’ll deliver stunning moving images for whatever you have in mind. The sky (and your imagination) is the limit!

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Combined Flights

Each of our core services (inspections, insurance & showcase) can be combined to better suit your unique situation. Doing so at the initial flight mission ordering stage helps reduce our travel and logistical costs, savings that are passed on to you! Not sure which services to combine? Give us a call:  (844) 4-AIRPIX.

Our Process

Noted author, lecturer, and management consultant W. Edwards Deming is said to have quipped; "If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing." We couldn't agree more. With the advent of drone usage for commercial purposes, it seems thousands of UAV pilots have taken to the air offering a variety of services; and, according to emerging tech news outlet KOMMANDO TECH, drone operations are a 26.3-billion-dollar industry (as of 2021). Which means, practically anyone with a Part 107 license can preform flight services. Yet the question is can they do so safely, efficiently and within a limited timeframe? Like say... 72 business hours, for instance??

Our proprietary processes do just that, providing you core service deliverables within 72 business hours from Flight Mission deployment or you pay nothing -- zip, zilch, zero, nada, not one red cent! Moreover, our unique process enables
us to scale each core service to suit your individual needs; vastly different than cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all 
templates. We're able to easily mix & match services to suit your situation, goals and budget.
Here's a brief overview, how it all works...

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Book FLight

Getting us started is easy. Simply give us a call to book a flight mission. We'll handle the rest. No fuss, no hassles. No worries.

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Mission Deployment

We'll schedule our flight mission to the next available date that compliments your time. Our FAA licensed pilot shows up & presto! 

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AI Analysis/Compiling

Raw data & imagery is proceeded through our proprietary methods, and inspected for quality control. Your report is generated.

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Whether it be images, roofing report showcase video or combinations, our work is provided online -- right to your inbox.

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